What’s new this winter?

Winter is just around the corner, so what’s in this year? Well, it’s going to be beautiful, at least where clothes are concerned. A number of our winter order have already been delivered, so whether you like solid colours, bright colours or prints, you’ll be happy to know it’s all here!

Unique designs is what Rundholz Black Label does best. As you can see here the label is continuing that trend.

For those who like solid colours, you can’t go past the Verge collection. Verge jeans are always very popular as are the label’s comfortable tops.

For a splash of colour, we have a variety of labels that have produced bright clothes for the winter season. Plus, if you’re looking for accessories, you can’t go past these.

As we’ve explained before, we are big fans of prints on our clothes. This collection is just gorgeous!

There are more clothes to be unpacked, so watch this space! We’ll keep you updated right here.

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