What’s in this winter?

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A quarter of 2019 is done and dusted. Before you know it, Christmas will be here again! What a great year it has been so far for fashion. We’ve seen some truly unique pieces in store from labels including Otto D’ame, Rundoholz Black Label and many more.

As we move into the second quarter of the year, new stock is arriving all the time. We just love it when a new box arrives. It takes some time between choosing the clothes we want and then for the order to arrive. Imports from Europe are ordered up to a year ahead of time and local fashion up to six months ahead. So to finally receive the clothes to show our customers is very exciting! Opening up a new delivery never gets boring.

Perfect for winter

The fashion industry works a season ahead of time, so at the moment we have a range of clothes and accessories that are just perfect for the winter months ahead. These clothes are made with high quality fabrics and feature exciting colours and textures. Perhaps most importantly, these clothes are very comfortable to wear!

So what’s in this winter? In recent years it has been about one colour. Often this was grey, beige or black. Indeed, that was very cool and classy. This year, however, is a bit different. Vibrant colours are where it’s at. We’ve already seen this with Verge and a few of our other labels here and here. There’s more to come too!

Mix & match

An important point to remember when choosing something new for your wardrobe is that you can layer your clothes. Layering clothes is a good way to add variety to your ensemble. Mix and match. Own a grey or beige outfit from a previous season that still looks great? Spice it up with a splash of colour from this season.

Remember too that you needn’t stick to one label. The skirt or pants from one label might look great with the jacket from another. A new piece of jewellery, or a belt, might also add something unique to an outfit. Perhaps a raincoat might complete a look!

Most importantly, in the end it should really be about what you feel comfortable wearing. We’ve written about that in this blog post. Now more than ever the choices and possibilities in fashion are unlimited.

Find something you love

Keep an eye on this blog for updates featuring some of the new clothes we get at JB Collections. Come into the JB Collections store to see more and try something on. We always love talking fashion and are always happy to help you find something new that you will love to wear this winter and beyond!

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