Top 5 tips for a perfect fit

Five tips for a perfect fit

Everyone has been through this: you find beautiful clothes you love in a store and try them on. The colour and design are great, the style is fabulous, so you buy it. That weekend, you can’t wait to put on your new clothes, but something has changed. It doesn’t fit as well as it did in store and it’s just not that comfortable! You endure it and wear the clothes a couple more times, but slowly and surely, it moves to the back of the wardrobe where it’s forgotten, never to be worn again.

So how do you find the perfect fit? Here are five tips:

  1. Ignore the size: Once upon a time there was standardised sizing and everyone could count on being a particular size. That’s not the case today. There’s an unbelievable array of clothing labels out there and they all have a different definition of look, size and cut! Be open to trying on a couple of sizes, even if it’s smaller or larger than what you normally wear.
  2. Ask the salesperson: The salesperson knows the full range of what’s available in store and will have a few suggestions for what will fit you well (Believe me we have your best interest at heart!)
  3. Move around: Don’t just stay in the change room. There are usually mirrors outside the change rooms so walk around the shop and if you can, sit down. Lift up your arms to make sure it’s not too tight around your back or under your arms. Also, ask for a hand mirror so that you can view the back of the garment and see how it fits.
  4. Take a deep breath and relax: When you wear your new clothes, you’re also going to be relaxed. Take a deep breath, and breathe out again to make sure your clothes will be comfortable.
  5. Keep in mind that some fabrics stretch: It might be a little tight, and some clothes like jeans need to be firm to start with, so ask the salesperson if the fabric will stretch after a few wears.

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5 tips for a perfect wardrobe

A perfect wardrobe means something different to everyone, and that’s the point. It’s yours! If you’ve ever been stuck when looking for new clothes to wear, here are five tips to help:

5. Go for quality

Quality clothing will look better for longer, and may not only outlast this season’s trend, but will also last more washes! As an added bonus, it’s better for the environment because the garments don’t need to be replaced as often.

4. The art of layering

Mix it up a bit. That jacket may have gone well with those pants and top last week, but perhaps this pullover would work just as well or better! Layer your clothes.

3. No rules on colour

Remember the days when tops and bottoms had to match and wearing certain colours together was taboo? Those days are gone. Try a few different combinations of colours and labels. You might be surprised. And if you want tops and bottoms to match, that’s fine too — there are no rules! Sometimes less is more.

2. Sizes are not consistent between different labels — ignore them!

Different labels use different sizing systems. They’re OK to use as a guide to get started, but after that, ignore them! When you try on clothes, pay more attention to the cut of the garment, fit, design and comfort.

1. Wear what makes you comfortable

This one is important. Your clothes should be comfortable. Dress for the occasion in something you love to wear!