A trip around Europe with Elemente Clemente, Desigual and Garance

If you’re looking for a European getaway but want to stay close to home then head over to JB Collections for these new arrivals from our wonderful labels! First stop is Munich, Germany. Elemente Clemente’s linen and denim range is elegant yet modern and is made for comfort. Add a scarf or jewellery for some extra flair or wear it as is – there are no rules! The perfect way to start a trip.

Next, we’re headed to Spain with the bright, fun (and perhaps a bit daring) Desigual collection. We’re always excited to see what this label does next and this year doesn’t disappoint. Incredible!

The final destination on our trip around Europe is Paris, France, with the latest from Garance. This is such a comfortable collection with gorgeous fabrics and designs. An absolutley stunning collection.

There’s more from these labels and others from Australia and around the globe at JB Collections Northbridge!

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