Why I love fashion

I have always been surrounded by fashion. One of the first jobs my mother, Erica, had when she arrived in Australia from Hungary in the 1950s was at a clothing manufacturer in Crows Nest, Sydney. The building is long gone, but I still have her one metre ruler (marked with inches!) and still use the heavy duty metal scissors she used to cut the fabric.

Erica made all my clothes when I was a child. I absolutely adored what she created. Erica was always on the lookout for unique fabrics to create something a little different. Something that couldn’t be found in shops. Her employer also provided fabrics to her to make clothes for me.

Campsie Girl

When Erica opened her first store, Campsie Girl, in the 1970s she used this approach in her store too. She sourced clothes that were unique and couldn’t be found in other stores. Here’s a photo of the store in the 1970s! I just love the green mannequin on the left and wish we still had it!

This approach to clothes had a profound effect on me and what I select for JB Collections. When we opened JB Collections in the early 1990s we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest. Fashion trends have definitely changed, but our approach to finding something unique has remained.

JB Collections 1990s
Erica at JB Collections in the 1990s.

It has been my lifelong passion to provide beautiful, and at times unusual, pieces in store. I want the clothes to be stylish, comfortable and of high quality. I love helping customers find the perfect outfit that they can enjoy wearing again and again.

Styles come and go and fashion changes from season to season. That’s why I love it. There’s always something new.

I’d like to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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