Bright and fun: Mansted, Raffaello Rossi and more

It’s difficult to go past this week’s window without at least glancing at this bright and incredibly fun collection of eye-catching tops from Mansted and pants from Raffaello Rossi. Pinks, purples, yellow, greens and more – we love it!

To complement this burst of colour with something a bit dressier (but no less comfortable), we also have in the window a mix of Baci, Annette Görtz and new label Hannoh Wessel. Absolutlely perfect.

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Our latest window

What’s new at JB Collections? In the main window this week is latest from the incredibly unique B.yu – definitely eye-catching! And to complement this, we have a selection of Annette Görtz, Sabatini, Naturals and Raffaello Rossi. Just stunning!

More in store.

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